SNAPSHOP!, a program of the Lucie Foundation, will take place over eight weeks in January, February, and March of 2018, during the course of which students will be paired with established photographers who will impart practical, technical, and aesthetic knowledge of crafting a photographic image.

The 2018 installation of SNAPSHOP! will be conducted in partnership with KYDS, which provides a wide range of services to low income, at risk, youth and their families; EduCare Foundation, a Los Angeles-based youth development after school program; and Los Angeles Unified School District. In the spirit of this collaboration, the 2018 installation of SNAPSHOP! will be hosted at East Valley High School, Bell High School, and Esteban Torres High School. 



INSTRUCTORS: Our instructors are professional photographers imparting real-world wisdom, instruction and inspiration to our students. 

Instructors conduct twice weekly after-school workshops over four consecutive weeks at one high school location. Full schedule can be found below. 

GUEST SPEAKERS: Our guest speakers are professional photographers conducting dynamic and motivational presentations to engage, educate, and inspire students. 

Guest speakers conduct a one hour presentation at each school. Full schedule can be found below. 


SNAPSHOP! will take place over the course of four consecutive weeks at three high school locations: Bell High School, East Valley High School, and Esteban Torres High School.

East Valley HIGH SCHOOL:



Instructor: Natalie Franco 

The focus of this class will be to forget about the technical side of photography. Ideas and feelings are what the photographs should communicate through the student’s vision and emotion.

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Instructor: Nicole Franco

This course is designed to introduce a foundation to street photography. Students will learn creative approaches to photographing the world around them through the art of visual story telling. With identifying the camera as an objective witness, students will gain skills in subject interaction, cultivate their own aesthetic and style and use art as a daily instruction to help capture people, places, spaces and all the moments in between.  

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"Telling Your Story" 

Instructor: Kat Bawden

Documentary photography has the power to tell stories, educate the public, and change the world. In this class we will learn the art of documentary photography and visual storytelling. Students will choose a topic from their life (it could be your family, school, health, community, an issue you’re passionate about, your favorite activity – anything, really!) and make photos about that topic.

Students will learn to harness light, color, and composition in order to convey mood and message. We’ll look at examples from across photography and visual arts. Students will keep a journal and write captions to accompany their images.

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Instructor: Natalie Franco

The focus of this class will be to merely capture a creative rendition of the subject. The student’s objective is to aim and produce a more personal - typically more evocative or atmospheric impression of people. Fine art portraiture describes any images taken by a camera where the intention is aesthetic, that is, a photo whose value lies primarily in its beauty. 

Students will be provided with a stimulating professional environment in which they can encounter all aspects of photographic design, using the camera as a design tool. Students will learn to solve creative problems by stimulating their thinking process. 

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Esteban Torres HIGH SCHOOL:

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Instructor: Mario de Lopez

In this course, students will learn the essential techniques in storytelling and will also be guided in developing their own stories. Students will work on conceptualizing narratives, shooting, editing and critiquing their work in class. As part of this workshop, we will review the use of good composition, the benefits of natural and artificial lighting, the applications of color and black & white, understanding camera functions and the importance of photo post- production.

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Instructor: Pablo Aguilar

Photographers are always on the “hunt” for their next impactful image, but what does it take to capture such a photograph? Photographers are looking for lighting, feel, mood, location, color, the narrative and the composition. Sometime you wait for the “decisive moment” other times you create those opportunities. You will learn photography through storytelling, capturing portraits and creating still life images. Students will obtain hands-on experience lighting for portraits and lighting objects. Each student will upload, store and share their images via Drop Box. We will critique your images in class and you will select one of your photographs for the student group show. 

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