Over the course of four Saturdays in May 2013, 60 students from underserved areas of Los Angeles were exposed and instructed on a variety of different types of photographic styles/genres.

The workshop was hosted by Graffiti House LA. Students selected one area of a photographic style to learn throughout the month of May 2013, and in collaboration with the instructor, selected their image for a printed exhibition which took place in June 2013.

The instructors and guests speakers are listed below.

A special thank you to our host venues, Graffiti House LA for donating their space to support this program!


Exploration of Light and Experimental Portraiture



Instructor: Shaughn Crawford

This class used portraiture as a means of studying light. Students explored ways of manipulating light using simple tools that could be found around the average home (e.g. flashlights, tin foil, etc.), as ways of abstracting portraits. Students learned about the “quality of light” in an effort to make thoughtful and creative portraits.

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Seeing Beyond



Instructor: Justin Samuel Fantl

The intent of this course was to look at photography with a more critical and heightened awareness. We spent time looking at work that has come before our own, to open our eyes to the multitude of photographic possibilities out there. Students made thier own images and paid careful attention to light, framing, and subject. We discussed the basics of technique that will help us shoot more consciously and establish fundamental ways of seeing that which will help us explore as photographers and individuals.

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Street Photography



Instructor: Natalie Marie Franco

This course was a foundation class in the basic genre of photography that focused on candid situations with an emphasis on public places and people. Utilizing the Los Angeles urban backgrounds, students learned to observe and capture social interaction, decisive moments and deliver true depictions of everyday street culture. The class emphasized attaining an acute eye through the aesthetics of capturing unmanipulated scenes, objects and environments.

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