SNAPSHOP! 2010 was a one-day event that connected high school students interested in photography with established photographers who taught them the technical and aesthetic skills they needed to create compelling photographic images.

Our outreach included students who have limited or no access to photography programs and workshops.  This included students attending high schools in South Los Angeles, Watts, Mid-city, The Crenshaw District and the greater Los Angeles area.

The high schools and organizations who participated in SNAPSHOP! 2010 included: Fairfax High School, HS for the Visual and Performing Arts, Dorsey Senior High School, King Drew Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles High School, and the Youth Policy Institute.

SNAPSHOP! 2010 was hosted by Santa Monica College’s Photography Department on Saturday April 17, 2010.

The day began with the meetings and greetings. After greetings, the youth choose two photography workshops to attend for the day. After registration, there was a two-hour presentation by the instructors.

During the presentation, the instructors showcased their work and shared personal stories. Following the presentation, there was small lunch break. The food was provided by Lares Restaurant, who happily agreed to be a partner for the event.

After lunch, the students began the workshops.

The event concluded with a raffle sponsored by Lomography, who donated five mini-Diana cameras to SNAPSHOP!. The youth were given gift bags and took a group photo.

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The Toy Camera



Instructor: Astor Morgan

Leave it to Fate. Students learned the beauty and the drama of shooting with the humble toy camera. The Holga and the Diana were discussed in depth in this course.

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Instructor: David Healey

Students captured their community, friends and family. Students asked themselves, “Is this news?” Students learned the art of writing a captivating caption.

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Fine Art



Instructor: Frank Jackson

This course discussed how to create powerful images of objects, humans and locations. Frank Jackson demonstrated his creative process for short term (single image) and long-term (multi image) projects.

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Fashion Portraiture



Instructor: Natalie Marie Franco

The goal of this course was to loosen up and transform a concept into a powerful image. Students learned how to visualize these concepts in digital photography. Students explored to discover their personal style. Students created thought provoking portraits with live models on location.

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Night Light - The Art of Night Photography



Instructor: Tom Paiva

Students learned the art of low-light photography, shooting at night using existing light, speedy film and creating the right set-up to get the images you crave.

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“I really appreciate the exposure Haquika is getting through your wonderful workshops. Haquika has an amazing talent and passion for photography, she recently won a Gold Medal at the Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition. She has little formal training so these workshops have been invaluable. After leaving the toy camera workshop she told me, “I learned more in that hour than I have this whole year in my photography class.” Thank you so much for these opportunities, please keep us informed of any upcoming workshops, events or intern opportunities.” – Kika Keith, Parent of Haquika Howze